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About Our School

Manuel Hernandez Elementary - How We Got Our Name
The school gained its name from a very special long-time Visalian, Manuel F. Hernandez, who called Visalia ‘home’ for over 65 years—a man who very quickly was better known as the ‘Godfather of North Visalia.’ Coming originally from Mexico at age 10, he made his way to eventually land in Visalia in 1937 where he met his wife, Helen, a native Visalian, and raised four children.  He became a U.S. citizen in 1943 and was proud to be an American, especially his ability to vote and take part in a democratic society.  Manuel F. Hernandez was a man known for his “warm smile, giving heart, and a reputation for helping others.

In 1954, Hernandez began to become actively involved in the community when he joined the Crowley Elementary School Parent Teachers Association—later to be elected association president.  Soon this “community legend-to-be” had taken an entire community under his wing, working very hard at making Visalia a better place for all.  In fact, the Visalia City Council was so taken back by his good works they renamed the North Visalia Community Center after him in 1999.  Hernandez’s civic contributions earned him recognition in so many venues, they literally filled rooms in his modest Visalia home.  Even with all the awards, including being named the first “Hispanic Man of the Year” by the Visalia Chamber of Commerce, Hernandez remained a very humble man.

Manuel F. Hernandez left this world in February of 2005,  but his ‘good works’ and name will live on in our community and within the halls of Manuel F. Hernandez Elementary.










Description of School 
Manuel Hernandez Elementary School serves approximately 830 students in grade K-6th.  Our teachers and staff are dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every student and providing a safe and productive learning experience.  The school holds high expectations for the academic and social development of all students.  Curriculum planning, staff development and assessment activities are focused on assisting students in mastering the state academic content standards, as well as increasing the overall student achievement of all subgroups. 

School Mission Statement
Our fundamental purpose is to show academic growth for each student as demonstrated by ongoing student assessment data.  Teachers are committed to knowing the standards and working collaboratively to design and deliver lessons to meet the individual needs of the students.

Opportunities for Parental Involvement
Parent involvement and communication are essential to our school.  Hernandez Elementary School continually strives to involve parents by sharing information that helps parents understand and support school programs and by providing opportunities for parent participation in school activities.  There are numerous and varied opportunities for parent involvement, including but not limited to, attending school functions, participating in parent-teacher conferences, volunteering in the classroom or library, and chaperoning field trips.  Parents may also serve on advisory committees such as the English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC) or the School Site Council (SSC).  Additional opportunities for parental involvement also exist at the district level. 

Parents who would like more information on how to become involved may contact Principal, Andres Gomez at (559) 622-3199.