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Kagan Tools & Tutorials

Watch the introduction below first and then click on any one of the three Kagan videos below to learn how to import students, questions or student names with their ranking into their respective Kagan tool.


Team Tools 4:59 Selector Tools Video 3:34 Numbered Heads 4:54
Kagan tools inside of PowerPoint 4:51 Moving a PowerPoint with a Kagan tool to another computer 1:52


Note: Even though the video for Team Tools shows how to import your student names using an excel sheet, I have found this often doesn't work properly.  You may get an "oops" error.  I suggest to just open Team Tools, click "edit class" then click "edit info" next to where you had typed your class name.  Now manually type your student information in and then click "OK," not import.  Click here for a screenshot

Introduction to Kagan Tools 1:34


















Kagan icons that can be saved and used in PowerPoint...hover over the icon, right-click and choose "save picture as" or "save target as."


Writing Tool--(VBDoodle) write on anything that's on your laptop/projector screen (not a Kagan tool)

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Here is a placemat that can be placed in the center of a Kagan table group to help identify students by numbers or A & B.  Click here for the PowerPoint placemat.  Print each slide, and laminate back to back.  Fan-n-Pick roles on are on the backside.  You can also just open pictures of each slide, and print them.  Click here for Slide1 or Slide2. PS You do not want to print the small thumbnails below, use either the PowerPoint or Slide1 or Slide2 pics.









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